Approximately 45 million Americans struggle with addictions, ranging from substances suchAlcohol abuse as opiates and alcohol to behaviors such as gambling.  Although a great need for intervention exists, the treatment of addictions is plagued by a multitude of problems.  Few individuals afflicted with the disorder seek treatment (< 20%), when they do present for treatment many do not adhere or remain in treatment, and a significant proportion will relapse after treatment (~ 50%). Research conducted in the WAGER Lab strives to address the difficulties in helping people with addictions make lasting positive and meaningful changes in their lives.

Graduate Research and Training Opportunities:

Dr. Weinstock is accepting at least one graduate student for Fall of 2021 and has secured 5 years of full funding ($26, 500 stipend, 21 hours of tuition remission, & health insurance) for one incoming 2021 student.